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There are 4 areas that are critical to Email Marketing; design, build, delivery and reporting


The design of an email campaign is critical because once the email has been opened, it is the design and the message that will encourage click through’s to the site. Centurius use their experience in email template design to create the right solution for each individual email campaign, in order to maximise click through’s.


It is imperative that an email is developed in the correct format as so many different email browsers will display emails differently. In order to develop emails effectively Centurius always build templates to display correctly in the majority of browsers.


This is one of the most critical parts of email marketing however most agencies will overlook it. If the design and the build are perfect, but delivery attributes are overlooked, your email is unlikely to be seen by many recipients therefore deeming the campaign as a failure. Centurius always take care to generate spam friendly subject lines, from names, email addresses and also ensure that all the text within the email is spam friendly. Centurius vigorously test all emails through high level spam filters to ensure they will pass through prior to sending a broadcast.


As Centurius always measure marketing campaign by return on investment, we are able to report on the most successful email campaigns for clients. Centurius don’t just settle for this sort of high level reporting, we go one step further, and produce data on the most profitable times to send emails and the most profitable days. All told, each email broadcast will have an associated report with all the detail right down to the most important piece of data….. the ROI figure.

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