Centurius believe that one of the key parts of digital marketing is not only being able to see from which source sales and conversions come from, but also to be able to see what transaction value come from which source. Centurius have moved the reporting and analytics side of digital marketing onto the next level, by reporting the ROI of campaigns within the overall project.

In other words, Centurius are able to tell the clients what areas are making money and what areas are not. This allows Centurius to be able to advise clients as to which areas to move their marketing budgets. This high level reporting is rarely provided by digital marketing agencies, the reason being they may not want to the client to know as transparency may not be altogether profitable for the agency. At Centurius we believe in creating long term partnerships and transparency in the ROI on marketing spend is paramount to that.

To display ROI figures and results from campaigns and projects, Centurius create tailored reports depending on the depth of information a client requires. It may be top level ROI figures, or it may be the detail behind all campaigns.

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