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About Eazitools

Eazitools began in 1999 and have the aim of making difficult, labour intensive jobs easier on the user’s muscles. Run by Managing Director Becky Ball, Eazitools is a family run organisation based in Nottinghamshire. Their gardening range was nominated for entry in the Glee New Products Awards 2005. The Eazitools brand can also be found within our other project Centurius project ‘Living the Life of Riley’ however this is due to be phased within the near future.

Project Detail Past

Previously Eazitools was initially developed within the Living the Life of Riley umbrella site where it was resided as a micro-site. Domain instructions were then implemented for www.eazitools.co.uk to redirect to the specific micro site. Over time the LOR (Life of Riley) site began to obtain organic search listings, some of which included links to the various pages within the Eazitools micro site thus diluting it’s online presence.

Project Detail Current

Thanks to the on-going partnership between Centurius & Eazitools we were commissioned to to recreate a stand alone version of the Eazitools website under its own domain. The reasoning was to reinforce the core brand of Eazitools once again within the main-stream marketplace. Centurius were commissioned to undertake the project to carry out the separation and re installation of the stand alone site.

The core framework of the site would remain the same however, after a telephone conference with the client, a list of requirements were formulated to overhaul the existing micro site.

At a global level a new background was introduced to the site as was the integration of Google Fonts to give the textual content a fresh new look. The footer was overhauled to reduce the number of links present, however using existing variables we were able to create dynamic footer links, meaning when a new page is added to the section then the link will also appear within the footer as well.

The homepage needed to be simplified by removing the background framework thus introducing simple red borders with equal spacing around each of the the promotional elements that were on the page. It was agreed that the Best Sellers functionality needed to be deactivated as took up too much real estate within the homepage.

A new Eazitools blog was created with a suitable template to reflect the new website. This would then allow the client to create relevant articles relating to Equestrian matters that could then be cross linked into the site.

Centurius implemented a new external plugin which site allowed the client to add all their stockists to an interactive Google Map. By simply entering relevant contact data plus the longitude/latitude of the business would display a map location pin within the Google map functionality. When clicked the map appears within a transparent lightbox over the current web site.

The product details page layout remained the same however the product description tabber functionality was repositioned from the right hand side to full width, below the image. This would future proof any further tabs that needed to be implemented.

Get in touch…

Lencett House, 45 Boroughgate,
Otley, Leeds, West Yorkshire,
Leeds, LS21 1AG

Tel: 0113 350 4095
Email: info@centurius.co.uk

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