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About Otley Pub Club

Otley Pub Club is an organisation created by local pub supporters and local publicans, and is free to join for all those who love Otley’s famous pubs. The idea is to provide a way for local people to support Otley’s pubs, and for the pubs to communicate what they are doing to both customers and potential customers. It is also means that the pub lovers of Otley can campaign together against pub closures and on other local pub campaigns. Anybody who becomes a member will receive email updates aptly entitled ‘What’s On’ which details what is going on in the town’s famous pubs, plus other Otley pub news.

Project Detail

Centurius was commissioned to redevelop the existing Otley Pub Club by Peter Jackson, Chairman of the Club. A number of issues were raised regarding the current structure of the old site, and some new ideas were put forward to improve the look and feel of the site. As the existing site was initially created within the WordPress software, Centurius decided that it would be practical to keep this structure as the foundation for the new web site. Centurius then looked at a number of WordPress templates that could cater for the requirements of the new site.

From an initial meeting with a number of the club committee members, it was agreed that a new site structure be implemented to allow visitors to view dedicated pages to all of the existing pubs within the Otley area. These pages would provide key information such as location details, opening times, plus any entertainment details that that pub may have on that week. From this it was also proposed that a Lost Pubs area be included to provide historical information on the public houses that used to exist centuries ago. Centurius proposed using Google Maps as a way to navigate to these pages. Google maps allowed customisation enabling us to pinpoint the specific location of all existing and lost pubs in and around Otley. The map also allows visitors to view the locations via Google Earth, if desired, giving a more realistic view of the surrounding area.

Another idea that was proposed and passed was allowing advertising space in and around the web site. This would allow local businesses to pay for an advert within key locations around the various pages of the news site for an agreed duration of time.

Additional plugins were implemented within the site based on requirements from the committee. A local historian to Otley had provided all the historical content and imagery to the site, and requested that the ability to copy the images and content be restricted. Alongside this the committee also felt that a gallery to promote any past events in and around Otley should be implemented.

The Otley Pub Club sends out a weekly email broadcast to all its members informing them of ‘Whats On’ in the local pubs for the coming week. Centurius has also created a new email template to allow the administrator to easily update the email and send out quickly and efficiently.


“Otley Pub Club is a community based organisation with Free membership to all pub enthusiasts, the role of Otley Pub Club is to keep all members informed of activities in each pub and to promote each pub. We decided that the best way to attract members not just from Otley but wherever they live is via a website. Already having a website we thought it needed updating and giving a wow factor to attract visitors to the site and recruit more members.

This brought us to Centurius, a local business in Otley, and our experience with Lee Jackson & Jonathan McGee was a delight from start to finish. We were kept informed along the way at all times and were given the opportunity to provide input and changes throughout the development of the site. They completed our site well within the suggested time frame and attended a meeting with our committee to explain the many features built into the site. We have received many compliments on the look of our new site which has already attracted new members.

On top of all this they are still at hand to help us with changes to our site and advice on managing our site. I would recommend Lee & Jonathan of Centurius without hesitation and suggest that if you are thinking of having a website built that you stop looking now because you have already found the right company!”

Peter Jackson – Chairman
Otley Pub Club


Get in touch…

Lencett House, 45 Boroughgate,
Otley, Leeds, West Yorkshire,
Leeds, LS21 1AG

Tel: 0113 350 4095

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