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About The Wholesale Glass Company

Established for over 25 years The Wholesale Glass Company are an independent glass supplier and processor in London, whose aim is to showcase the best glass and associated products that the industry has to offer. Their mission is simple, to provide a fast, efficient and precise method of supplying glass to every customer, large or small. With partners like Dorma, Axim, Hodgson sealants and others, Wholesale Glass can provide complete packages, for example: AP glass doors with patch fittings, glass balustrades with posts and clamps, mirrors with adhesive or fixings, and much more.

Project Detail

Wholesale Glass found Centurius via an organic web search for ‘Sellerdeck Development’ via Google. After an initial telephone consultation and quote-out Centurius were commissioned by the client to carry out an upgrade, template restructure and site enhancements to their existing web site.

Centurius carried out the redevelopment on their servers so the client could see the redevelopment taking place in real-time, thus allowing their business to continue trade online, without disruption.

In terms of redevelopment Centurius started by working the core templates globally by amending the style sheets to affect the general look and feel of the site. Alterations were made to the header and footer templates to add small yet effective changes such as the logos of the payment types that they accept.

The client required more brand exposure on the website which would allow a customer to shop by brand. A number of customised variables were created in order to give the client the ability to globally maintain this by adding a brand logo and link.

For ease of navigation we implemented and styled a new third party plugin that allowed the client to decide the level of navigation that the user could drill down to. This meant that a potential customer could reach their desired product in a minimum of two clicks. The quick search bar was then repositioned above the main left hand navigation again to get the customers direct to the product if the search term is known.

For some of the larger product pages the client created single product per page options which allow the customer to view further details about a specific product. Centurius created new customised product summary layouts which could be displayed within three columns. This allowed a fairly extensive catalogue to be displayed within a page without having to scroll miles down a browser. As some of the products used a bulk-pricing structure Centurius implemented variables that could override and display a desired form price.

Within the main product pages we implemented two plugins to improve sales conversions. This consisted of a product zoom functionality, that allowed the client to enter 6 additional images which, when clicked on, would display a larger image to the customer. We also incorporated a tabber function which allows for masses of product information to be displayed into bite-sized chunks, which can be viewed via a tabbed title. Further customisation was made to the tabber allowing the client to enter up to four pdf documents. If applied a new ‘Downloads’ tab would appear.


“I’ve used a variety of IT companies and software suppliers over the years for different projects with differing degrees of success. Finding Centurius was a breath of fresh air. From the offset I felt I’d found a company that would be a pleasure to work with and so it proved to be. Centurius listened to my ideas, learned about my company and identified our individual needs before developing them and tailoring the solutions to suit us. I was kept ‘in the loop’ the entire time and along the way I also received some welcome suggestions. The result was even better than I expected, delivered on time and to the price quoted. I would definitely recommend Centurius.

Nick Jones – Managing Director
The Wholesale Glass Company

Get in touch…

Lencett House, 45 Boroughgate,
Otley, Leeds, West Yorkshire,
Leeds, LS21 1AG

Tel: 0113 350 4095
Email: info@centurius.co.uk

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