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Project Detail

Alaris Kitchens found Centurius through the Sellerdeck (formerly Actinic) website. After a number of telephone meetings, we were commissioned to redesign, upgrade and redevelop the Alaris Avenue website from V10 to V12 Business. We carried out an extensive design exercise to illustrate the walkthrough of the final product from homepage, section page, product summary and final product page. Design wise, we wanted to give the new Alaris site a fresh and clean feel, using minimal corporate colours whilst using the photography to enhance the colour of the site.

A jQuery Homepage advertisement rotator was added to allow the customer to find quickly, the exact products they desired and also so that Alaris could highlight certain products. Continuing this theme, Centurius also implemented 3 homepage advert areas to promote key sections around the website. Further to this, in terms of navigation, a mega menu system was used to help the layout of Alaris’ extensive product range.

Due to the differing nature of the products on sale at Alaris, Centurius created multiple product summary layouts where the customer could click for more information on more complicated products, or buy now on those that required no extra information.

On the left task bar within the top level sections, Centurius manipulated the system so that only the sub sections from the section were displayed, rather than the full list of all top level sections. Continuing with this theme, custom variables were implemented so that relevant adverts appeared on appropriate pages, rather than having a number of adverts that were common throughout the website. Also on the section pages, Centurius implemented the new Sellerdeck filtering functionality so that navigation for the customer, was made far more simple.

On specific product pages, Centurius implemented a third party ‘Tabber’ system, allowing the client to easily separate the information, meaning the customer had a more easy to read text.

Alaris also wanted to improve the interaction between company and consumer through their site and so Centurius implemented two important functions; the inclusion of social media links and the installation of the third party newsletter sign up system, Mailchimp. To take the social media further, Centurius implemented the third party social media plug in, ‘’, which allows individual products to be highlighted within customer social media accounts.

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