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About Stompa

The Stompa trademark was established in 1960 having been original founded in Norway in 1906.

Famous for their bunk beds, Stompa had big success in Scandanavia before being introduced into the uk in 1980. The business has gone through a number of changes and now operates out of the beautiful town of Ilkley in West Yorkshire.

The Ethos of the company is to make small rooms larger and to offer childrens furniture with unique features.

Project Detail

After a three way pitch, Centurius were commissioned to develop a brand new website for the manufacturer of children’s bedroom furniture, Stompa. It was built in Sellerdeck V11 business.

Centurius were not required to do the initial design work as Stompa hired a third party agency for intial web visuals which were later implemented into the site. This is not the only case of a third party design agency being used and Centurius are more the capable of working alongside these companies to make the site look as good as it can. This particular project has constantly evolved over time and Centurius has adapted to allow the site to expand to its full functionality.

The client needed a solution that could accommodate both its consumer base and a number of trade suppliers. As the project evolved, Centurius advised Stompa to upgrade the Sellerdeck software to multi-site license to accommodate this. The client needed the new website to run in conjunction with their new stock management system called ‘Stocktracker’, which was developed by the company, ‘Defy Logic’. Centurius were able to work with ‘Defy Logic’ very successfully to implement this system.

Centurius implemented a jQuery Homepage advertisement rotator to allow the client to highlight specific offers and also for the customer to easily navigate towards desired products. To further increase ease of navigation, a mega menu system was introduced, allowing the extensive product range to be displayed more easily. The sections themselves were then developed to display the relating sub-sections within the top level. Furthermore, it was important to introduce a search engine key word area so that the customer could find an item without having to know specific brand or location within the site.

Further to this, Centurius created a ‘Stompa kids’ area which has third party interactive games, accessible through the website. As well as this, Stompa ran a bedroom design competition with a local school. The site displayed all 40 entries.

Implementation of the new Sellerdeck product summary template allowed customers to click through for further information on a product and once there, they would be able to see enhanced zoom images. For the products themselves, Centurius creating two vital tools; an assembly instructions area that allows customers to download PDF documents to help with the initial build and a brochure download area.

Centuirus implemented a third party ‘Tabber’ functionality which allowed the client to enter multiple tabbed areas of content from one text editor. We also customised the code to allow technical specifications to be displayed for each product.

To improve interact-ability on the site, Stompa’s social media accounts were linked to the site, so that the customer could see the ‘human side’ of the company. Alongside this, the third party plugin ‘’ was implemented, allowing individual products to be highlighted within social media accounts.


“Right from the first meeting we had with Centurius regarding the development of our Stompa website we have been impressed with the knowledge, attention to detail and their dynamic and enthusiastic approach to the fairly complicated projected we were about to commence.

We chose to run the website development alongside the introduction of a new Stock Control and Order Management System with the view to integrate the two. I have been amazed by the way Centurius have dealt with this heavy task and worked closely with Defy Logic who we commissioned to custom tailor the Stock Control System as well as working in conjunction with Click Appeal who assisted us in the early stages by doing some research work and brought Centurius to our table and followed on by working on SEO.

It has been a four way co-operation which does not seem to have ever fazed them. They have never lost sight of the fact that we are the client and we have been very happy with the flow of information coming from them.

Centurius have been very proactive in putting forward suggestions to improvements to our site and have responded surprisingly well to all challenges set.

I would happily recommend Centurius to anyone who is planning to build a website no matter how complicated the task may seem as they genuinely work hard to help you simplify the task and in fact create something in the end that is even better than what you ever thought it could be.

It’s a good team – a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Hansesgaard – Director

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