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About AJM Railways

AJM Railways is a new business venture which provides model railway items primarily to Australia, New Zealand and the United States. AJM Railways aim to provide a good variety of Model Railway Items, to price as competitively as possible, to be fair and honest in all their dealings and to provide a fast turnaround for all of their customer purchases.

Project Detail

Centurius was contacted by AJM after being referred from another client. From an in-depth telephone conference it was agreed that the clients requirements could be fulfilled using the Seller Deck (formerly Actinic Desktop) Ecommerce software (V11). Centurius were commissioned to source a new hosting provider for AJM, transfer in the client’s domain name www.ajmrailways.com and design/development a new Seller Deck web site based on the client’s requirements.

Centurius and AJM then had an initial project ‘kick-off’ meeting where the look, feel and required functionality were discussed. After referencing a number of similar websites it was formulated and agreed that the website needed to be fairly minimal, with clear navigation for easy access to the product catalogue plus a way in which the site could cater for every type of customer whether a browser or an enthusiast who know exactly what they desire.

Based on the clients specific design requirements Centurius then went away and produced a number of flat visuals which gave a clear user experience walkthrough from the homepage, through to product summary and finally the main product details page. Our visuals incorporated specific colours and design elements relating to the model locomotives that the client had on offer. Centurius also created a new online brand which again related to signage that locomotives have on the side of their engines.

The main homepage was designed to allow for a large jQuery advertisement rotator which clearly displays the products and core messages. Being located within the UK our client’s key goal was to clearly inform their customers of the locations and currencies that the site could offer.

Regarding the global design layout of the site, we felt that a left hand navigation needed to be introduced via an external new plug-in to allow for secondary navigation to be displayed. Within the footer area we introduced three key points of interest boxes for our client to populate. By default we applied links to the client’s main eBay Feedback page plus links to the clients request/contact pages. A number of variables were created to allow for additional delivery messages to be displayed by specific products plus intelligent show & hide options.

For the catalogue we introduced the single product per page (SPP) functionality which allowed the clients products to delivery two layouts via the product summary and main products details layout. Additional plug-ins were also bought to increase and improve the sites functionality such as a currency convertor, multi zoom product image options, plus a new product tabbing plug-in which allowed the clients to display a desired number of products per page. This kept the sites catalogue neat, tidy and at a sensible height.


“After a couple of unhappy experiences I had almost given up on finding a Website Designer and associated services. There are plenty around on Google but with little knowledge of these matters I found myself being bombarded with technical jargon. Then I was referred to Centurius. From there things have truly lifted off and within days I had my website up and running. The guys there were thoroughly professional, know their stuff, speak to me in words I can understand, and gave service beyond the call of duty. I cannot rate them highly enough and now it is my turn to give my Customers the same level of professionalism that they afforded me. Thank You for an excellent Site!”

Amanda Montage – Director
AJM Railways

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Lencett House, 45 Boroughgate,
Otley, Leeds, West Yorkshire,
Leeds, LS21 1AG

Tel: 0113 350 4095
Email: info@centurius.co.uk

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